We are happy to ship your items for you, you are responsible for any shipping costs incurred. From time to time we may have to adjust shipping cots to reflect updates from the postal service. 


     In addition, if you are local to Parkersburg West Virginia we have designated one local meet per week that is free of charge for all local customers.


     We are also looking forward to traveling to approximately 11 different craft shows across WV and Ohio throughout 2019. 




     I take a lot of pride in my designs, if you reach out I am more than happy to work with you on making a custom design for exactly what you are looking for! Every step of the way, I will ensure you are happy with the design end product, and it can be a lengthy process. That being said, I don't identically replicate or duplicate others designs out of respect for that artist. 

     So what makes us different on quality - EVERYTHING. I spend a pretty serious amount of time researching the items I choose to work with. From the glitter, resin, cups - etc. Here are the details - 


My Epoxy:

     Many Resins lose their shine over time, often yellowing if exposed to the sun. The particular Resin that I use is the highest quality an is more UV and heat resistant than standard resin. This epoxy will protect against yellowing or fading over time.

     I use only poly glitter. Glitter is glitter, right? nope - I mean - I LOVE GLITTER.. but it is not all made equal. I only use the highest quality on my products so it will last for years to come. Is there a difference between Poly glitter and Craft Glitter? 


There is a HUGE difference.

     Poly-plastic (PET) glitter is more durable and lasts longer. Poly-plastic glitter can be subjected to continuous UV light and very high temperatures (350°), without losing its shine, melting or degrading over time. Poly-plastic glitter is generally speaking, more expensive due to its long-lasting viability.

Craft glitter is primarily used for indoor crafting or providing short lasting sparkle (i.e. birthday party, wedding, etc). Craft glitter cannot be exposed to UV and high temps and after about a year, craft glitter will lose its shine and become a “matted” version of the original creation. Craft glitter is typically less expensive but you are getting what you pay for.



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Frequently asked questions

Can I put my tumbler or mug in the dishwasher?

No. These tumblers are not dishwasher safe. If you place your tumbler in the dishwasher you run the risk of breaking the seal and damaging the design. It will not be repairable.

What happens is I drop my tumbler?

It will probably survive, I have done many drop tests. Same with your cell phone, it only takes that one fall that it won't come back from, the beautiful layer of Epoxy can break so please handle your tumbler with care, it will not be repairable.

How do I properly wash the shirts?

Wash inside out, machine wash cold. Use mild detergent. No bleach or softener. Tumble dry low. Do not dry clean.

Where can I place a custom order a tumbler?

The custom order process begins by starting the form on the site. A consultation follow up will be within 48 hours.